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What are the benefits of removable insoles in shoes?

shoes-insolesIt’s estimated that around 70% of people have some kind of foot condition, at least from time to time, that negatively impacts their normal activities or overall health. That’s a lot of people that could benefit from some kind of help! There are a huge range of different issues people suffer from, and removable insoles in shoes may not be the perfect solution to everything, but you might be surprised how many issues they can actually help with.

For example, there are many conditions with similar causes that liquid gel insoles are especially effective at treating. The muscles and bones in your feet and legs are gradually put under stress as you run, walk or even stand still for long periods of time on hard surfaces. Fallen or high arches, calluses and hard skin, heel spurs, overpronation, stress fractures and the classic plantar fasciitis are just a small selection of related conditions caused by this impact. By softening the impact of your foot striking the ground as you move, effective shoe insoles such as Sole-Mates are particularly effective at reducing the painful symptoms of these conditions while preventing the root cause at the same time.

Over time, overcoming these conditions could have any number of benefits by making it much easier for you to walk, move around and do the activities you want to do. Many people suffer with plantar fasciitis and similar conditions to such an extent that the pain renders them unable to walk or work properly. Having time off work or even just being unable to do the leisure activities you should be able to do can be extremely disruptive and frustrating. Dealing with the problem using insoles can be a great way to overcome these barriers.

You may well have tried other solutions to deal with painful conditions that hinder your lifestyle, but in most cases there is little to be done if all you’re able to try is managing the pain. Painkillers are not usually very helpful for people with painful foot conditions because they do nothing to solve the root cause of the problem, and they are certainly not a long term solution. Some conditions may be treatable with medication, but being unable to walk properly will usually slow the recovery process and exacerbate the issue.

The great thing about removable insoles is they have no negative side effects, unless you struggle to adjust to walking with them. Some foam insoles or ones made with other solid materials have to be cut to size and may not suit you, plus their effectiveness is limited and they probably won’t last more than a few months. Sole-Mates liquid insoles are a much more robust solution since they adapt to the shape and movement of your foot, so the vast majority of people get used to them very quickly and experience instant pain relief. If you’re ready to try them for yourself, head over to our shop page and take advantage of our money back guarantee to make sure you’re happy with the results.