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Discover the best cushioned comfort & arch support insoles in the UK

Sold in the USA for over 20 years, liquid orthotic insoles have been clinically proven to provide unrivalled support for people working on their feet, as well as delivering increased circulation to the feet and lower legs through its unique massaging system leading to increased health of the foot. Now, for the first time Sole-Mates® are able to offer the same benefits to people in the UK.

Clinically Proven

Clinical trials carried out on liquid orthotics in the US proved that they significantly increase the circulation to the feet and lower legs. The trials, carried out in 2010 showed that the average increase in circulation to the participants was 53%, in a group whose ages ranged from 20 – 70 years of age. The increase was even more pronounced for the members of the group who were diabetics, where their measured increase was 115%. This is significant to people with poor circulation and diabetic neuropathy as well as helping to prevent the build up of uric acid which affects gout sufferers.

However the benefits of the insoles doesn’t end there. Because fluid doesn’t flatten or compress when stood on the fluid in the insoles spreads across the whole of the foot, lifting it and supporting it, using the hydraulic pressure created by the weight of your body. Fluid is pushed into the arch area , creating support for the arch of the foot, providing relief and comfort to people with fallen arches, flat feet and plantar fasciitis.  In doing so, the insoles also help to align the foot and ease the pain caused through Morton’s Neuroma and bunions.

Because the fluid is supporting the arch your weight is now spread more evenly across the whole foot, this helps prevent the build up of hard skin on the pressure points in your feet, across the ball and heel areas of the foot, allowing cracked skin to heal and enabling more effective treatment for corns and verruca’s.

Because we spend much of our time walking on hard ground, rather than grass and soft soil, when we walk our bodies are having to absorb more impact than we have evolved to do. This has a dramatic impact on our joints and bodies causing foot, knee, hip and back pain. However by wearing Sole-Mates® insoles you’re now walking on a fluid which absorbs much of this shock and provides immediate relief to the vast majority of people.

How Quickly Do They Work?

In cases of plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, foot, knee, hip and back pain the benefits of the insoles will be felt immediately(read the many testimonials that people have kindly written about the insoles). In the case of people with poor circulation this takes slightly longer but many people say that they can feel a significant improvement within an hour.

More Questions?

We’ve answered many of our frequently asked questions, you can contact us directly, or visit our shop for the best cushioned comfort and arch support insoles in the UK.