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How the Insoles help with Fibromyalgia

When Fibromyalgia flares up the nerves of the body become hyper-sensitive, causing intense pain throughout the body. Crucially a significant number of the nerve endings in the body originate in the feet and spread throughout the body. This is the reason why acupuncture works because by putting needles in base of the feet they can affect pain in areas including the neck, arms and back.
So, when Fibromyalgia flares up, every time the person affected takes a step, they are sending shock through the nerves, causing intense pain throughout the body. And it is here that the shock absorption properties of Sole Mates insoles come into their own.
The fluid in the insoles spreads across the whole foot, this means that there are no pressure points on the sole of the feet, protecting the nerves in the feet. Then, as you walk, the fluid acts as an extremely effective shock absorber, reducing the impact on the feet, and therefore the nerves and substantially reducing the intensity of the pains shooting across the body.
Whilst not cutting out the pain completely, the absorption properties of the insoles will make it much more manageable and in the majority of cases will enable the person to move with greater freedom and comfort.