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Sole-Mates Insoles

(30 customer reviews)

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Sole-Mates® is proud to provide you and your family members with the benefits of this amazing product! Available today at just £30 (plus £2.25 P&P) We’re so confident in our product that all our insoles come with a 30-day money back guarantee* and 24-month warranty.

With a RRP of £40 (plus P&P) we can today offer you a discount price of £30 plus P&P offering a saving of 25%!

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Sold in the USA for over 20 years, liquid orthotic insoles have been clinically proven to provide unrivalled support for people working on their feet, as well as delivering increased circulation to the feet and lower legs through its unique massaging system leading to increased health of the foot. Now, for the first time, Sole-Mates are able to offer the same benefits to people in the UK.

SIZE Length (cm) Width (cm) UK Size
Min Max
XS 22.5 23.5 8 3-4½
Small 5
S 23.5 24.5 8 5-5½
M 24.5 26 8.5 6-6½
M2 26 27 8.5 7-8½
L 26.5 27 10 7-8½
L2 27 28 9.5 9-10
XL 28.5 29.5 9.5 11-12
XX 30 31.5 10.5 13-15

To maximise the benefits from the insoles and ensure that we supply the best fit for your foot, we ask that you measure the length and width of your foot in centimetres and order accordingly. For example, people with a wide size 5–5½ foot may be more suited to ordering the size M and trimming it down to fit.


XX (UK Size 13-15), XL (UK Size 11-12), L2 (UK Size 9-10), L (UK Size 7-8½ Wide), M2 (UK Size 7-8½ Normal), M (UK Size 6-6½), S (UK Size 5-5½), XS (UK Size 3-4½; Small 5)

30 reviews for Sole-Mates Insoles

  1. Melanie Scarratt (verified owner)

    I brought these on the basis of the reviews, I have tried just about every kind of insole out there. I walk a lot, weekends around 20-25km walks and oh boy my big toe joints were feeling like they were being hit with a hammer to the point of near tears and wanting to vomit. I truly thought I’d have to give up long walks and hikes, it was too much, and along with that pain came immense heel pain and sometimes arch pains. I would then be in agony all night.
    Well, WOW, I am so happy with these insoles. Since using them I have not had the big toe joint pains, no arch pain and no heel pain, after the walks I feel refreshed and not in agony.
    I am NEVER going to be without these insoles again.
    I rarely write reviews, but these are so good that I couldn’t not write one. I felt safer ordering from them with their money back guarantee too. I am also glad I didn’t need to get the money back
    If you are reading the reviews and thinking should you spend that kind of money on an insole and will they really work? Like I was, thinking nothing would help the pains! The answer is yes and yes.
    What’s the worse that can happen?

  2. Paulette Thomlinson

    I purchased a pair of your insoles at Chatsworth Country Fair in Derbyshire on 30.8.2019 – they are incredible! I had experienced debilitating plantar fasciitis for ten years and tried several insoles/remedies. Since buying these, I am plagued no more! I have even got a dog to accompany my walking.

    I have since bought 3 x pairs for Christmas presents for my family, they are THAT good!!! An exemplary product which has given me my walking hobby back. I can’t live without them.

    Thank you Sole Mates

    Paulette Thomlinson

  3. Philip George

    Once again I write to say how much your Sole-Mates have helped me with my walking.

    I have now completed two long distance hikes involving relentless day on day walking in boots while carrying a heavy pack. Not once have my feet ached at the end of a days hike. I believe your insoles and the walks have helped heel my once recurring back pain.

    Last year you were kind enough to deal promptly with the premature failure of a pair of your insoles by sending me not one but two free replacements. Thank you, I now have a pair for my walking boots and my day shoes, both are so much more comfortable as a result.

    I purchased a pair of Sole-Mates for my wife who also suffers from walking pains. I am pleased to say she reports there has been improvement when out walking. If I could only persuade her to invest in a properly sized pair of walking boots, I believe she would receive the full benefit of your product, but that’s vanity over common sense!

    I continue to derive benefit from my Sole-Mates, when the time comes that they naturally wear them out, I will be sure to purchase replacements and you can be sure that I will recommend them to others at every opportunity.


    Philip George

  4. Andi Gregory

    I bought a pair at a show and found they felt weird to start, but I can not believe how brilliant they are. I have wore them for 3 weeks and have no pain from the plantar fasciitis whatsoever ever and I am on my feet most of the day. I just want to say thank you for giving me and so many people relief from pain. X

  5. Mrs Julie Morris

    I bought my insoles a day ago at the royal welsh show I have been in constant pain for the last 5 months and gained a lot of weight as being on my feet I would avoid. I am shocked as having wore them for 8hrs today I can put my feet on the floor with no shoes on without wincing I would like to thank Chris Fitzpatrick for his help yesterday I am very happy with these insoles and amazed how much less pain I’m feeling so early on.

  6. Simon Cullum

    Dear Chris,
    We have received the new soles and that is greatly appreciated, thank you.
    We can’t recommend your excellent service and product highly enough.
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards

  7. Frances Dixon

    Thank you for your very prompt response to my order made on Sunday 3/6. I bought a pair from you four years ago at Blenheim flower show and have used them daily ever since. I have recommended them to others, they make all the difference!
    Many thanks
    Frances Dixon

  8. Dara Lucey

    I cant believe how good your insoles are. I have purchased every kind on the market and spent a fortune in the process. These are a life saver. I wear them running, walking, hiking. They are amazing. Thank you so much.

  9. Edwina Vickery

    At 1pm today my new Sole Mate insoles arrived less than 24 hrs since I had placed my order with you! I couldn’t believe it!
    Now that’s what I call exemplary customer service! I shall continue to recommend these insoles to everyone because they offer amazing comfort and relief from plantar fasciitis.
    Thank you so much

  10. Dawn King

    Just want to say a big thank you to you all . Fantastic insoles which cured my plantar facititis after 5 years of pain and limping . I had to return a pair and was dreading the wait for another pair however within 48 hours of posting I received a new pair in the post. Amazing customer service second to none so I can’t thank you enough.

  11. Nina Sabat (verified owner)

    I was feeling pretty pleased after a Spring Bank Holiday clean – until I realised my 6-month old black Sole-Mates were still inside my black work shoes which had already been sold by the charity shop. How bad could this be? I went back to my old insole-heelcushion combo, worked for 1 whole day (9 hours on my feet), and woke up next morning with all the old aches – a very stiff back and painful lower legs. Needless to say, I’ve ordered 2 more pairs and look forward to returning to my pain-free, less grumpy, more agile self!

    Nina Sabat

  12. Natalie Leaves

    I’ve just received the two pairs of Sole-mates that I ordered from you. One pair is for my diabetic husband and the other pair is to supplement the pair that I already use. I had plantar fasciitis about 18 months ago and the lovely chiropodist I went to for advice suggested Sole-mates and she was absolutely right! The pain subsided so quickly it amazed me and I know it cut down my recovery time by weeks. It flared up again a few days ago and using the insoles have cut the discomfort right down very quickly. I need another pair for using in all my different shoes. I am going to recommend Sole-mates to everybody I know.
    Thank you for your speedy service. I maybe ordering more as gifts!

    P.s. I also have bunions so I am doubly relieved!

  13. Elaine

    I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for just over 7 months. I purchased the Sole mates on a recommendation from a friend. I have been wearing them for just 3 days now and have been able to walk completely pain free and also feel no pain on first standing in the morning (I transfer them from slippers to shoes to get maximum benefit!) They are a little strange to walk on to start with, but I have soon got used to it. Would definately recommend to anyone who suffers with Plantar fasciitis.
    Elaine Robertson

    • Chris Fitzpatrick

      Thanks Ealine, We’re glad they helped as we’d promised

  14. Steve R

    I’ve suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for almost ten years and have spent thousands of pounds trying to finding something to give me some relief. I put in the Sole Mates insoles and immediately the pain subsided. I don’t know how – but they work.

  15. Paula S

    I was looking for something to help the circulation in my legs. After an hour of using the Sole Mates insoles my feet began to feet warm. I’ve never had warm feet before.

  16. Nigel Puddy

    To be honest I was a little worried about seeing them as the unconditional warranty seems to be to good to be true, but you are true to your word.
    Well done.
    An excellent product with a second to none service.

  17. John M

    As a diabetic & international traveler I have suffered with swelling that became increasingly worse until I started using Sole-Mates insoles. Now when I arrive from long trips the swelling is barely noticeable.

  18. Sharon A

    I am a nurse, on my feet all day & have arthritis in my hips & feet. Sole-Mates have been a God sent. My feet don’t hurt as much & it has helped my back. I couldn’t do without Sole-Mates now. I love them. They really work.I am a nurse, on my feet all day & have arthritis in my hips & feet. Sole-Mates have been a God sent. My feet don’t hurt as much & it has helped my back. I couldn’t do without Sole-Mates now. I love them. They really work.

  19. Anne

    It is the first time in ages that I have been able to walk without wincing with pain. I wish I had found them sooner!

  20. Janet G

    I couldn’t get used to them, but I would like to acknowledge your cheque as full refund for the insoles. This was very greatly appreciated.

  21. Simon Toyne

    I’ve noticed a major difference – I’m experiencing far less pain and discomfort and am now walking a lot better and more freely. It’s a stange sensation initially, but you soon get used to the feeling. It’s fair to say these brilliant insoles have transformed my life, and if you too suffer from painful feet they could be the answer.

  22. Susan Power

    3 years ago I had re-constructed surgery on my left ankle as I tore my Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament and have been left with damaged nerves in my foot and have pain every day. Since I started using your Sole-Mates I have not had to take painkillers nor have I used my walking stick and I am the happiest I have been since my operation.

    To be pain free walking about after all this time is fantastic and I have got a new spring in my step so to speak and it feels great. I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever purchased and I will keep recommending your product to everyone I know.

  23. Gary Wells

    I am not the sort of person that would usually write a recommendation letter but with the excellent results I am getting from them I hope you can show this to any other people suffering in the same way I have to hopefully get the same relief.

    I was very sceptical about the claim as I suffer from plantar fasciitis and must have tried every product on the Market with no relief. After purchasing the your insoles at the show within 10 mins of wearing them I was able to stay at the show and carry on walking around for rest of the day.

    Since I bought Sole-Mates I have worn them no stop, and the relief has just got better each day, hence the purchase of a second pair, to save me having to keep swopping then between shoes.

  24. Emma Russell

    In all honesty I didn’t expect them to work! I spend at least 50 hours a week on my feet running a very busy restaurant. I cannot believe how amazing these are! No longer to my legs and feet hurt at the end of a day. I used to get up and my heels felt shattered, now I have no pain.

  25. J Hinton

    I purchased a pair of sole mates as I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis and they have greatly helped with my walking and the pain. I would thoroughly recommend these in-soles to anyone suffering with this condition.

  26. Mrs D Fry

    I bought some sole mates last week and they are brilliant. Having had plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years the relief is amazing, I no longer have pain when getting up in the morning and can walk further than I have in years!

  27. Mrs A Clark

    I have recommended Sole Mates to numerous people as they have helped me considerably.

  28. S France

    My son has flat feet and Sole Mates have really helped with his knees.

  29. N Baird

    I bought my Sole Mates at Crufts, they are wonderful and have given me my feet back… I have recommended these to others too as they are fantastic.

  30. J Ward

    I have been very happy with my Sole Mates, they have given me a great deal of comfort over the past few months.

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