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The Best Cushioned Insoles

cushioned insolesThe remarkable thing about removable shoe insoles is the incredible difference they can make even from the moment you start using them. The wrong insoles can have little to no effect, and you may even find them less comfortable than walking without them, but the best cushioned insoles for you will be out there somewhere, especially if you already suffer with chronic foot pain or other afflictions related to walking or standing for long periods.

Depending on the exact issues you’re facing, different insoles can have slightly different effects. For example, the majority of cushioned insoles mainly exist to provide relief from the pressure placed on your foot during the process of taking each step. Cushioning and absorbing the impact of a step helps reduce strain on the muscles in the feet, legs, back and all over your lower body. Sole-Mates are particularly adaptive for this purpose being liquid gel insoles, so the fluid is dispersed naturally and flows back and forth as you walk.

This cushioning effect is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and similar chronic pain conditions. However, there are some other great side effects as well as simply taking away much of the pressure and pain associated with walking. Liquid filled insoles such as Sole-Mates also offer a massaging effect on the sole of the foot, which again is a resulting of the flowing fluid. This is beneficial since it aids circulation, helping to fight against cold feet, limiting build-up of dead skin cells and reducing the risk of infections developing.

Another key advantage offered by Sole-Mates is flexibility, something that’s crucial to maintaining long term success with your insoles. You can fit liquid gel insoles into a variety of different shoe shapes and sizes, provided you have the correct insole for your shoe size. Some less effective options might be made of rubber or hard plastic materials, meaning they have to be cut to size and will only fit in particular shoes. The beauty of liquid insoles is they can adapt instantly to the space around them, offering maximum cushioning effect in high heels, work boots or anything in between.