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Why Sole-Mates Are Good For Your Whole Body

We often hear from customers who have tried other types of corrective insoles and found them to be ineffective at solving their problems. After trying Sole-Mates, we’re confident that the vast majority of people will start to enjoy the benefits almost immediately, not only with foot pain but a surprisingly wide range of other conditions. So what exactly are the differences that make this possible? We take a look today at the range of issues Sole-Mates can help with, and the reasons why other types of insoles are nowhere near as effective.

Back pain

Without removable insoles, shoes are rarely comfortable to work in all day long, and this takes a toll on our whole bodies, not even just our feet. Most commonly this manifests in back pain for a lot of people, since the spine is absorbing a lot of the impact when we walk and work on our feet for long periods of time. Cushioned or solid insoles have little effect on this because they are relatively inflexible and fail to absorb much impact as we take steps. Liquid gel insoles like Sole-Mates are another matter, since the liquid displaces and absorbs a high proportion of that impact, protecting the spine from unnecessary strain.


Joint pain

In a similar way, joints in our bodies can be under a lot of pressure from the repeated motion and impact that normal walking has on our bodies, starting from the feet. Issues like arthritis can be made worse by walking in a less than healthy way, as joints are under even more strain, and traditional insoles do little to alleviate this. Sole-Mates liquid insoles move completely naturally to support the foot as you walk, so they naturally aid and correct your natural walking movement. This means there is less impact having a negative impact on the health of your joints over time, and any pain you experience normally can subside very quickly after starting to use Sole-Mates.


Many other underlying health issues can contribute to poor circulation, and since your whole circulatory system is linked (and fairly important for your survival!) it’s vital to look after it in every way you can. Poor circulation in the feet is a common problem because your heart is of course a lot further up your body, and gravity is against you too, leading to blood sometimes collecting in the feet which encourages other issues. Fortunately the massaging effect of Sole-Mates liquid insoles helps to alleviate this problem too, minimising pressure on the feet and keeping blood moving as it should.


If these benefits are sounding good to you, and we haven’t even mentioned foot pain itself, it sounds like you might be ready to try Sole-Mates for yourself. Why not take advantage of our money back guarantee and order your pair today?