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Foot Pain From Steel Boots: Solved!


For many workers in factories, on building sites and many more situations, safety footwear is absolutely essential as we have discussed before. Risks can be presented for various reasons; heavy objects might be likely to fall and crush your foot from above, or nails and other sharp objects on the ground might be a more likely danger. Either way, many people are forced to wear safety footwear that is often enhanced with steel and otherwise toughened in order to do their jobs safely. Unfortunately this can be extremely uncomfortable, and also contribute to more long term problems.

At Sole-Mates we have heard of a lot of painful foot conditions caused by having to wear uncomfortable footwear. These are especially common with boots that contain solid steel plates, often designed to protect the foot from any punctures on the bottom of the shoe. This is common practice in many factories but can lead to plantar fasciitis, where the arch of the foot doesn’t get enough support and ends up flattening, a slow and painful process that makes it more difficult to walk in a natural way.

It makes perfect sense to prioritise safety, but many products on the market to do this are not suitable for long term wear without additional help, for example in the form of Sole-Mates liquid gel orthotic insoles. When wearing the best cushioned insoles with safety footwear, the experience is much less painful and in most cases the problem entirely goes away! This is thanks to our technology being designed not only for comfort but specifically to treat the problems caused by hard, ill-fitting safety footwear.

Visit our online shop to place your order or simply get in touch with us if you’d like more information about how our corrective insoles can help you. We firmly believe our proven track record speaks for itself and these products are perfectly designed to deal with foot pain issues that might be causing you endless problems. Sole-Mates are a long-term solution that can release you from a range of conditions, so drop us a line today to find out more!