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Lower Back Pain


The ideal state of our bodies is to feel comfortable. Whether we are walking, running, or simply standing still, we all want to be as comfortable as we can, but in reality many of us have to face issues such as lower back pain. You’ll also never guess how important things like shoe insoles can be when trying to manage the symptoms and alleviate the pressure that causes lower back problems.

The possible causes of lower back pain are varied, due to the complexity of the connected spinal muscles, bones, discs, nerves, and tendons that are located in the lumbar spine. It is quite common, although it can be an excruciatingly painful experience for anyone who suffers from it.

A likely cause of pain in the lower back is the manner in which people stand and walk. The problem is caused by standing slightly tilted forward. Due to the tilt, undue stress is placed upon the lower back as well as the hips. Under these circumstances the back muscles are supporting the body’s weight instead of the spine.

One very sound solution to relieving this pain is by realigning the posture. By doing this, the person will stand in a more upright position and also relieve the pressure to the affected areas. Those who experience discomfort will likely require the use of something that is specifically designed to relieve the pressure on the problem areas and help correct posture.

A great option would be to use Sole-Mates massaging insoles. Wearing our liquid orthotic insoles will significantly help people in the majority of cases to put upward pressure on the arch of the foot. The pressure would then make the foot rock slightly forward and pull the calf along with it, causing a realignment of the spine through a forward rotation in the pelvis.

After some time getting used to the corrective insoles, there is often no more pain because the spine is the one supporting the upper body and not the muscles of the back and hip area. Most people who use our liquid gel insoles experience some instant relief from all the pain that they’ve been suffering from, and this gradually improves further. They are finally able to stand, walk, and even work for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort at all.

That’s all because Sole-Mates, the best cushioned insole is now available within the UK, which means you can say goodbye to any pain or discomfort. Contact us now and find out that you really have nothing to lose but the pain!