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Safety Footwear

Best Cushioned Comfort & Arch Support Insoles

Safety and comfort need not be exclusive from one another. There has to be a way by which one can maintain an adequate amount of safety without compromising the comfort that one feels. In today’s workplace, in particular, there is a tendency to sacrifice one for the other and it doesn’t have to be that way.

How Safe are Safety Footwear?

A great example would be safety footwear. Wearing footwear to make sure one is safe in the workplace is pretty much a necessity for some workplaces. The safety boots used in practically every warehouseare indeed very useful for keeping the toes and the entire foot safe by means of the metal plate usually found in its base.

Here’s the problem though, because the metal plates are quite hard, wearing the boots becomes a very painful experience. Just imagine how bad an ordeal it is for someone who wears those boots all day and are on their feet the whole time that they’re working. These boots are known to contribute to or exacerbate many health conditions including plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma and other conditions that our shoe insoles are designed to deal with.

Pressure Mats to the Rescue?

In an effort to relieve the pain that some of their workers are suffering from with protective boots, some industrial companies and factories have resorted to using pressure mats. There’s a problem with this kind of solution, though – workers can’t move the mats around with them. Then there’s the danger posed by the mats themselves since workers can trip on them, an unnecessary and unacceptable hazard in a busy industrial workplace.

Safety and Comfort with Sole-Mates

The real answer to the problem is found in the shoe insoles from Sole-Mates. With these liquid orthotic insoles, there is no more need for mats or any other artificial solutions for relieving foot pain and discomfort while using safety footwear. It’s much more comfortable to wear standard metal safety boots with Sole-Mates and perfectly possible to continue working as normal without suffering painful side effects.

A considerable advantage is that they provide a substantial increase in the circulation to the lower legs and feet. Since they don’t use foam or gel, our removable insoles for safety shoes aren’t prone to wearing out or being flattened. The fluid is instead pushed up against the foot’s arch. This serves as a gentle but firm arch support so the insoles protect the foot and eliminate pain.

The liquid filled products from Sole-Mates can also be considered comfort insoles because they mould to the foot of each individual that wears them. The support that the arch, heel, and ball get is very natural as the person’s weight balances the fluid in a way no other design can match.

At Sole-Mates, our best cushioned insole is now available to buy online throughout the UK. With these new sore feet remedies, foot pain and other similar conditions are about to be a thing of the past, even including factory workers. Read more of our blogs to discover more about the benefits of Sole-Mates or visit our store to place an order today!