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Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s NeuromaYou might be in the habit of wearing tight shoes or shoes that have a tapered toe box. It could be out of necessity or it could be something that prefer from a style point of view – especially if you prefer high-heeled shoes most of the time. Whatever your reason, it could very well be a move that you’ll regret later, since it could possibly lead to or aggravate a condition known as Morton’s Neuroma.

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition, where pain is mainly felt at the ball of the foot and at the base of the toes. It comes from the thickening of the tissues around one of the nerves that lead to the toes. As the nerves are compressed or if there’s some pressure, it becomes irritated and a sharp and burning pain is felt. As time goes by, this condition can often continue to get worse.



As far as symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma are concerned, you really won’t get any idea by simply looking at it. Nothing is visible from the outside, like a lump for example. The only symptom of the condition is the pain that you’ll feel on the ball of your foot and the base of your toes. It’s a feeling that’s similar to standing on a surface and having a pebble under your foot or in your shoes. Some tingling and numbness can also be experienced in the toes.


Your Foot’s Solemate At Last

If you are one of those who have been suffering or beginning to suffer from this condition, then Sole-Mates have a simple and affordable solution for you. Sole-Mates shoe insoles are one of the best treatments available for this as well as other conditions. What makes our solution one of the best sore feet remedies out there? Our clinically proven liquid orthotic insoles.

Liquid orthotic insoles have been shown to considerably increase circulation to the lower legs and feet. They don’t flatten or wear out since they use liquid instead of gel or foam. This offers firm but gentle support on the arch of the foot and also helps align it, which eases the pain.

The fluid is also responsible for therapeutic massaging that relieves the pain from Morton’s Neuroma. It does this by lifting and separating the metatarsal bones and prevents it from rubbing against the nerve.

As of recently, Sole-Mates finally have our best cushioned insoles available in the UK. They have been sold in the USA for more than 20 years, and now residents of the UK can tackle pain with specially designed Morton Neuroma shoe insoles.