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Why Diabetic People Need Massaging Insoles

foot massageFirst off, what are massaging insoles? Massaging insoles are commonly known as liquid insoles or liquid orthotic insoles (UK). This is because, instead of being made from a solid substance such as foam or gel, they contain a fluid, glycerine, which adapts to anyone’s foot shape. These insoles are clinically proven to improve foot circulation and treat other medical problems such as diabetic related conditions.


Diabetes that is a metabolic disorder which causes insulin production failure. Since glucose inside our bodies needs insulin in order to get into our cells, mainly for energy production, they require enough insulin to push through. Lack of insulin holds the glucose in your blood, results to improper blood circulation and ends up affecting your health.


People who have diabetes disorder experience:

  • Blood sugar level escalation that causes nerve damage.
  • Difficulty in external wound healing.
  • Are unaware of the painful stimulus that can cause infection.


This is where the liquid filled insoles help, providing a simple and inexpensive solution for many diabetes-suffering people who were looking for a something that would lessen their pain. The continues massaging effect caused by the liquid insoles helps increase blood circulation by an average of 53%, which helps flush out excess glucose released in the bloodstream, resulting in the glucose being replaced by oxygen-riched blood. And because the fluid moves when pressure is applied, they not only decreases friction while walking, but also absorbs impact, like shock absorber, reducing pressure on the knees, hips and lower back


Liquid orthotics have been sold in the States for over 20 years and Sole Mates have already provided thousands of people in the UK and Europe the relief they need. Because fluid doesn’t compress, flatten or wear out, Sole Mates insoles last longer than ordinary insoles, giving longer lasting pain relief and support


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