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Do You Have Poor Feet Circulation?

poor feet circulationAre you frequently experiencing foot pain or problems with your feet?  You might just have a problem with circulation.  Since our lower extremities are far from the heart, blood vessels often do not get enough blood and oxygen.  Knowing the common signs of this problem will help you decide if you need to look into it further.


We get this kind of feeling when part of our body is deprived of blood.  The reason lies in our affected nerves that are unable to function (i.e. feel) without enough oxygen.  You may experience a tingling feeling similar to electricity running through your body, or you may feel nothing at all.

Cold Temperature

The warmth of our body comes from a regular flow of blood.  When a part of our body lacks blood it will feel cold.  If this happens to you a lot, check to see if your entire body is cold or if it is just your feet, which would indicate a particular problem there.

Change in Skin Colour

Our natural colouring is affected by blood running through our body, so a lack of it can sometimes result in a noticeable change of skin hue.  If your feet are turning blue, this is probably what we call cyanosis. Your nails turning purple are also an indication of lack of oxygen.


The development of sores is an alarming symptom since these cannot heal without good blood flow. Oxygen supply is responsible for the regeneration of cells needed for healing wounds and cuts.  Open wounds that are unable to recover leaving the skin vulnerable to infections.

Slower Hair and Nail Growth

A shortage of circulation will also affect other functions of the feet.  Your toenails may not grow at the normal rate, and the same may apply to body hair including up as far as your legs.  If you notice this it might be one of the clearer signs that you need to improve your circulation.

How do you solve the problem?

One of the most popular and effective ways to relieve these symptoms is through wearing liquid insoles. Sole-mates is the leading supplier in the UK and Europe of liquid insoles, which provide immediate relief for plantar fasciitis, lack of circulation and lower back pain amongst other issues.  For more information on the benefits of our insoles, click here.