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Is Morton’s neuroma getting on your nerves?

Ease the pain with Sole-Mates®

Morton’s neuroma is the pinching of the nerves between the toes which results in severe pain on the ball of foot and the base of the toes, which gets worse over time. The problem isn’t helped by tight fitting shoes or by constantly walking on hard ground.

We have evolved over thousands of years to walk on bare feet on soft ground. When we walk in bare feet, as the ball of the foot comes down, the toes spread opening out and helping with our balance. Modern fashion means that we wear tight fitting shoes which often draw to a point so, instead of the toes opening out, they are forced together leading to the pinching of the nerve between the toes.   

When you walk on Sole-Mates® insoles, as the heel comes down, it hits the fluid and pushes some of it across to the front of the foot so that, when the ball of the foot hits the floor, the additional fluid pushes the toes apart, similar to how we should walk, preventing the nerve from being pinched and reducing the pain significantly.