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Classic Dirtbike Show

2023 will be the first year that we’ll be attending the Classic Dirtbike Show and we’re inviting all you enthusiasts and visitors to come and try out our amazing insoles when you’re here. They’re so thin that they fit in any type of shoe and boot. They’ll fit in your riding boots, working boots or just in your everyday shoes. However, wherever you use them, the difference they make is incredible.
They provide immediate pain relief for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, knee, hip or back pain or just painful sore feet. The massaging effect created by the fluid in the insoles increases the circulation to the feet and lower legs. This can help people with poor circulation, gout and diabetes as well as keeping your feet warm in cold weather or when your working on cold surfaces.
But hey….don’t take our word for it, or that of the hundreds of people who’ve left feedback on our website or Google. Come over to our stand – C50 in Hall 1 – and try them for yourself. Don’t suffer in silence, these insoles could just be the best thing you’ll invest in at the show.