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Do you suffer from lower back pain?

Lower back pain can be caused by a number of factors but the more common problems are posture, injury caused through an accident, sciatica and, increasingly, from the constant walking on hard ground, particularly in the workplace. Back pain is one of the main reasons for time taken off work and it’s one of the hardest conditions to deal with without the use of drugs and pain killers. So how do Sole-Mates® liquid orthotic insoles help?


When we walk we tend to ‘slouch’ as the heel on the shoe is higher than the sole and that throws us forward. The problem here is that the head weighs around quarter of our body weight and, with it pulling forward, it puts stress on the muscles of the lower back which strain the keep us upright.  When you stand on Sole-Mates® insoles, the fluid inside doesn’t compress. Instead it is displaced across the foot and into the arch area, ensuring that all the foot is supported as we walk.

The support in the arch area is significant as it lifts the whole foot and tilts you slightly back realigning your posture and ensuring that the weight of your head comes down through the spine, stopping the strain on the back muscles. People often say they feel taller from wearing the insoles and the improvement in posture is noticeable.

Accident injury/sciatica / walking on hard ground:

It is properties of a liquid which make Sole-Mates® different from foam or gel insoles and why they are so effective. Very simply it took over 50,000 years of evolution that enabled us to come down from a tree and learn to walk around on bare feet on grass. Grass is soft as is soil, so when we walk on it, much of the energy we generate is absorbed into the ground, when we walk on concrete and tarmac, because the surface is solid, most of the energy we create comes back up through the body, effecting our joints and causing shock to the lower back causing severe pain in many cases.

Because fluid isn’t solid, it ‘gives’ as we walk. As the heel hits the ground, the energy is absorbed into the fluid pushing it across the bottom of the foot and vice versa as the ball of the foot comes down onto the ground. This is simple energy transference from our foot into the fluid. This means that the energy coming up through our joints and into the spine is significantly reduced, helping to reduce pain even to people whose back pain has been caused through accident as well as helping to reduce the ‘pinching’ of the nerve caused by sciatica. For most people the pain relief is immediate!