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Foot, Knee and Hip Pain

Ease the pain with Sole-Mates®

We spent 50,000 years of evolution to learn how to get down from a tree and walk around on bare feet on soft soil and grass. So what do we do? We spend most of our lives walking around in flat shoes on hard ground. Even in the house we have taken out carpets and replaced them with wooden floors, tiles and laminate flooring meaning that we are walking on hard surfaces almost all the time. And we wonder why our feet, knees and hips hurt.

When we walk on grass or carpet it ‘gives’, absorbing much of the energy we generate as we walk. When we walk on tiles, concrete and tarmac, this doesn’t give. Instead the energy we generate is absorbed back into the body, putting additional strain on our joints and causing foot, knee and hip pain. Pain killers only mask the pain, Sole-Mates® insoles not only reduce the pain significantly but they also help realign our posture to prevent further problems in the future.

So how do Sole-Mates® insoles work when others can’t?  Firstly, because the insoles are a liquid orthotic the fluid insides isn’t rigid, instead it displaces across the foot, including up into the arch. Your body weight creates pressure on the fluid, forcing it into the arch, which  means that the pressure under the arch is now the same as the pressure coming down on it, helping to lift and support fallen arches. This re-aligns the foot and lifts and supports the knee, immediately eliminating the pain caused by fallen arches and flat feet.

When we walk the fluid acts as a shock absorber, similar to walking on grass because it also ‘gives’ as the arch presses down. This helps reduce stress on the knees and the hips but maintains support for the ankle at the same time. The pain relief is immediate and, because fluid doesn’t flatten or bed down, the support doesn’t stop after the insoles have been worn for a couple of months.